Be a part of changing lives

Bikes, kids and nature! The bike is universally loved by kids everywhere. It transports, challenges, and enhances health and well-being. Nature is the universal restorer; its regenerative power is the stuff of legends. When we combine bikes, nature and kids, magic happens. Lives are transformed. This phenomenon happens the same way every day, every year, in every TFK chapter, no matter where it’s located or who the kids are.  Time and time again, year after successful year we profoundly change lives for the better.

TFKO became an official chapter at the end of December 2010. In January 2011 TFKO received their start-up donation of bikes, tools and a bike stand from the Trips for Kids National office.   Since then it has been three successful years of after school rides, bike mechanics and many events such as Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day and The 24 Hours at Albion.

At Trips for Kids Ottawa over 170 kids and youths experience the magic every year.

We need your help

TFKO operates and maintains a fleet of 30 bikes which require constant repairs to maintain our high safety standards. A large portion of donations are also used to fund the insurance program that we maintain.

There are many ways you can help

Corporate Sponsorship
In 2014 we are facing a number of challenges including finding a new location for the program, and finding a new cargo van trailer. Please contact us to discuss how your group or organization can help.

Individual Support
Know that your contribution will help us continue providing our programs and services to Ottawa’s youth.

Memorial Gifts
A Memorial gift is a thoughtful tribute to the memory of a beloved family member or friend by giving a gift in their name.


Make a difference today

If you want to support Trips For Kids Ottawa, you can make a donation* online via PayPal

Or donate by sending a check or money order payable to Trips For Kids Ottawa:

Trips For Kids Ottawa
80 Cymbeline Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, K2H 7Y1

Trips for Kids Ottawa is a registered charity: 858063316-RR0001

One of our ride leader sums it up best: “When I brought my gang back in after the proscribed hour of riding one of the kids commented " Is that it. Only an hour? I could ride for another hour...easily"  the rest of the group agreed.  
. . . But the best part - the huge grins on their faces at the conclusion of the ride. That says it all. ”


Volunteers Needed
Beyond your financial support we are also in need of professional services including grant/proposal writing service, public relations and/or marketing support. If you want to get involved please contact:

Ben - 10 years old: "This is the best day of my life" We rode our bikes 8km through the trails to get to the rock quarry. There we had a tour of the whole quarry.”

(Ben was sitting behind the wheel of an 800 thousand dollar rock truck when he said that!)