Meet our Team

Mike Jamieson Mike Jamieson
CEO of Raytec Systems Inc, world leader in Security Lighting, former owner of Joe Mamma Urban Cycles. Studied Electronics at Vanier College in Montreal.
I thought it was a great idea when Cat told me about it and I do believe mountain biking can change a person's outlook on life and promote a healthy lifestyle.
I ride a Norco Sight Killer B1.
Favorite local area to ride would be SMH.
Cat Weaver Cat Weaver
Program Director
Retired from a career in Nursing to create and run Trips For Kids Ottawa.
There is nothing better than being in the woods with bunch of kids on bikes!
I ride a KHS xc 909 and a Brodie Awl for the wilder stuff!
Favorite place to ride is SMH and Buckwallow, Ontario.
Joanne Galloway Joanne Galloway
"One hundred years from now, It will not matter what kind of car I drove, What kind of house I lived in, Or how much money I had in the bank, But the world may be a better place because I made a difference in a child's life." ~ Forest E. Witcraft
I ride a Rocky Mountain ~ "Love The Ride"
Favorite place to ride - anything single track and flowy.
David Nesbitt David Nesbitt
David is a mountain bike adventurer who has biked in Ontario, Quebec, several states in the Eastern US as well as in New Zealand.
A gifted photographer, you will often see him at mountain biking events with his camera capturing the action for everyone’s enjoyment.
David is an active member of OMBA since 2006 and steady participate in group rides, trail maintenance days and special events.
David Mirsky David Mirsky
I am amazed by how this simple sport has had such a positive impact for myself and my family, providing countless adventures, developing our fitness and introducing us to some fantastic people.  I am so excited to share this passion with others in hopes that it will have a similar effect on them.  Ride On!
I ride a Rock Mountain Element.
Favorite places to ride include SMH and Mont Ste. Marie ... but any trail will do!
Helene Couture Helene Couture
Past President
One of our founding directors.
Helene brings to the table her planning and coordination skills. Initially involved in mountain biking through her son, she got tired of waiting around and decided to take up the sport while at the same time re-connecting with her field of study as a graduate in Forestry.
Mike Nash Mike Nash
Past Vice President and Co-Founder
I’m a product manager at a software company, studied at Carleton University, Ottawa.
Heard about Cat’s program on the news, admired what she was doing to help kids out.
I ride a Colnago CX.
I'm an avid bike racer on the track and road.
Favorite place to ride is Mclaren’s landing, Torbolton Ridge.
Matt Ekdahl Matt Ekdahl
Ride Leader
IT solution Consultant.
I volunteer with TKFO to give back to a great program that my son has been sponsored to participate in on and off for the past 3 years.
I ride a sweet Santa Cruz VP Free.
Favourite place to ride is South March Highlands (SMH)
Allan Hawley Allan Hawley
Ride Leader
Time Keeper of major sporting events.
Seeing the kids enjoy themselves and having fun on a bike is very rewarding!
I ride a 26" hardtail Gary Fisher Big Sur.
This time of year (December) my favourite place to ride would be Seirra Mars near Santago de Cuba

Remembering Mario

Mario Theoret

Mario Theoret was one of the co-founding members of Trips for Kids Ottawa.
He was a gem; he was the man behind so much of what happened each day at TFKO.
Our program’s home base was in his personal garage and basement. He never asked for rent.
It will be terribly difficult for us to go forward without him, but Super Mario would want us to give it our best shot.
Mario, you are in our hearts.